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Amisoy is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Los Angeles. 

We specialize in;

Architecture                        Exhibition Design

Interior Design                   Environmental Graphics

Fabrication Consulting   Motion Design


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Yo Oshima is a designer/entrepreneur/educator from Tokyo, Japan. After receiving a master of architecture degree from SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture) in 2006, he worked on residential and institutional architecture projects at deegay day design in Los Angeles. In 2015, Yo established a multi-disciplinary design studio, Amisoy, LLC in Los Angeles. Amisoy's philosophy is "We only design cool stuff." In other words, Amisoy will design anything that is cool, including architecture, interior, furniture, products, motion graphics and graphic design. Since 2010, Yo has been teaching at Environmental Design department of ArtCenter College of Design.

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