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Grid Deformation by Plane [Grasshopper]

This is a Grasshopper definition which deforms curve grid with control surface. This definition will deform scale of closed curves by control surface. Depending on Z-direction distance between surface and polyline grid, scale of grid changes. The closer to the control surface each closed polyline get bigger by the center point.




  1. Grid of circles or closed 2d polylines

  2. Rhino 3 degree surface

  3. Direction curve. For top view, you need line @(0,0,0) and (0,0,1)




  1. Download Grasshopper definition and Rhino file from here

  2. On Grasshopper, open “22b_TK03_PlaneOpeningTri_crvOnly”

  3. Assign control surfaceAssign curve grid

  4. Assign direction curve

  5. Move the slider for amplitude

  6. Move the surface around

  7. When you like the grid, you can bake it!

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