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Instant Architecture


Instant Architecture is a Grasshopper definition which generates randomized building blocks. With parametric control a user can produce infinite number of iterations through this script. When randomized cubes are created, it will open to one random side out of top sides and bottom. Intersection of cubes are boolean unioned to create continuous spaces.


Adjustable parameters are:

[Range] an extent of cube distribution

[NumberOfCubes] number of cubes

[RandomX_Position] is random seed for X

[RandomY_Position] is random seed for Y

[RandomZ_Position] is random seed for Z

[CubeMinSize] minimum size in randomization

[CubeMaxSize] maximum size in randomization

[Random_Size] is random seed for cube size

[Random_Opening] sets random seed for opening direction


  • Download Grasshopper definition here

  • On Grasshopper, open “instant_architecture.ghx”

  • Adjust parameters

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