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Miami is a city steeped in diversity. Home to a serial killer, an international basketball star, a drug lord, a pair of sexy cops, and another pair of sexy cops, Miami is represented by many colorful characters in pop culture. The city's true character is a result of the mingling of people from many different cultures across the globe. It is a truly colorful city.


The canopy design celebrates the story of Miami's diverse population through its form and colors. Each column symbolizes the act of departure from old homes. Each piece of lumber represents an individual joining to lift one another towards the rich mosaic that is Miami. Sunlight reveals even greater diversity and dynamism within each of the five colors.Mia-mingle serves this diverse population of Miami.

It is an open-ended space that creates a place where people can congregate and share good times. From daily morning yoga to weekly farmer's market to book readings to live music shows to nightly film showings, mia-mingle does not aim to serve only one portion of Miami's population but to provide locals with a dynamic place to meet and experience the rich mixture of their cultures.


The beauty of mia-mingle is in the simplicity of construction and material use. A sophisticated algorithm minimized the number of unique pieces to 18. The canopy is constructed from a total of 1,350 pieces of readily available 2x4" lumber. Each 2x4" is cut to length, milled to create custom joinery grooves, then painted and assembled on site. Its simplicity belies the dynamism and effervescence that is mia-mingle, and Miami.

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