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A state of invisibility has long captivated the imagination of many sci-fi and anime fans.  The technology of optical camouflage is to shoot the surrounding environment with a camera device, process it, then to show the video on the screen to give a sense of invisibility to the object.  OptiCamo will use the technology of optical camouflage to vanish the surrounding stand and frame to convincingly create the illusion of the TV floating in the air. 

Behind the stand, three cameras will record the surrounding view in real time.  A computer inside the box processes the visuals for an optimum state of invisibility for viewers.  The front screen of the stand will display a real time live feed of what’s behind the screen, creating the illusion of invisibility.  When the TV looks like it’s floating in the air, it gives the viewers an immersive experience of the content, so the relationship between the viewer, TV, content, and room become more intimate. 

As OptiCamo’s goal is to connect people with the content in an immersive and profound way, the foremost target audience is people who care deeply about content.  The stand will vanish, leaving only images in front of the viewer.  Sports fans who care about details will watch the game with increased focus.  Movie viewing can become more intimate with only the essential images in the air. 

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