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Fabrication Consulting for Jed Lind

Amisoy was involved in the design / fabrication process of Jed Lind’s “Mariner” as a fabrication consultant. We produced iterative design options for the artist to determine the perforation pattern on the piece. After deciding on the design, very precise fabrication drawing set was produced.


Mariner is a 14.5’ (4.4 meter) public outdoor sculpture in Toronto. The sculpture has 1,200 uniquely shaped holes inspired by coral reef. The challenge of the project was to translate the complex 2D pattern to 3 dimensional facets. In order to get live feedback between 3D sculpture from 2d line drawing, a grasshopper definition is created. The parametric definition made it possible to modify pattern on the 2D plane that is directly translated to 3D faces.

1”(2.5cm) steel was used to create the facets. They are all laser cut, and miter-cut at corners. For the fabrication purpose, extremely precise drawings needed to be produced. Grasshopper produced extremely precise detail drawings. A construction set helped fabrication company create the piece.


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