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Urban Art Forest(UAF)

is a conceptual design for outdoor art exhibition. Like walking through the woods, UAF gives the sense of wondering and discovery. As viewers encounter the woods, there is always new discovery for different types of art. Views are blocked by series of bars until a viewer finally finds a optimum viewing position for particular art. This process of finding builds up an expectation and curiosity toward art. It is a visual and spatial interaction between a viewer and art.UAF is designed to have a flexible usage depending on different art mediums. Paintings and photography are mounted from ceiling for any viewing height. Multimedia and video art can be either hung from ceiling or mounted from floor. Universal bar module can be erected to implement pedestals for sculpture.The exhibition can be prefabricated, and packed very compact. The top and bottom platform work as a cradle to store all the vertical members. The packed dimension is as small as 20x10'x1'. Multiple units can be installed together for continuous usage.

A concept of height-field is used for the design of UAF. Depending on the weight of given point, a planer surface is pulled down in Z axis. 3 gravity points pulls down the surface. X-Y distance from gravity point determines the degree of gravity. As further it goes, the Z-pull gets smaller, like ripple effect. When multiple vertical deformations intersect, it creates a dome-like space and canopy effect. Vertical columns are extended to the floor, thus being inside of the gallery feels like being under trees.

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